Sunset Valley Elementary

History 1990s to Now

Emily Bush SVE Principal Years

Emily Bush became the principal of Sunset Valley Elementary School in the summer of 2016. Along with the Sunset Valley community, she designed an inclusive, schoolwide 2-Way Dual Language program that was piloted by four schools in the district. Sunset Valley Elementary became a model for 2-Way Dual Language implementation, and enrollment grew by more than 25%. Ms. Bush also started a daily practice of “Morning Restorative Circles” that staff participated in each day before leading their students in a similar format. In Summer 2019, Ms. Bush was promoted to an Executive Director position with Austin Independent School District, and Marizza Marquez was named Principal of Sunset Valley Elementary. 

Marizza Marquez SVE Principal Years

Marizza Marquez came in a year when Sunset Valley Elementary School became part of the first Austin ISD transformation zone in the Fall of 2019. The transformation zone committee and Mrs. Marquez were crucial in making the transformation zone a success. Under her leadership, a school wide Cheetah Time intervention time was implemented which helped enhance the level of academics that the already existing two-way dual language program was already providing. The teachers and school leaders in less than one school year implemented this personalized learning initiative that pushed teachers to implement higher levels of blended learning. Furthermore, during this time Mrs. Marquez also led the campus to implement enrichment clubs for 100% of students to participate in as part of the school day. This promoted for teachers to share their passions as they led clubs in an area they wanted and for students to be provided opportunities to explore areas of interest. In March 2020, school as we know it came to a halt when everyone was forced to quarantine due to COVID-19. Sunset Valley elementary teachers and staff continued to rise to the occasion and have been able to continue to implement Cheetah Time even when all instruction was virtual. The students and staff at Sunset Valley Elementary continue to be resilient and focus on Whole Child education as every person on campus stays focus on making the Mission and Child Tenets a reality.